• Golfclub Elkofen e.V

    Hochreiterweg 14, 85567 Grafing, Germany .
  • Golf-Club Ebersberg e.V.

    Zaißing 6, 85643 Steinhöring, Germany .

    In nur 20 Minuten erreichen Sie Sie den Golf-Club Ebersberg.

    Zur Website des Golf-Clubs geht es HIER.

  • Museum Wald und Umwelt

    Ludwigshöhe 2, Ebersberg, Germany .

    At the Museum of Forest and Environment, guests can expierence and learn about local nature in the Ebersberg forest. The museum can be reached convienently by car and offers parking and  path entrances. Ebersberg Forest offers many hiking routes and activities, including: an exercise path with built-in equipment, a Barefoot experience path, and a viewing tower. 

    For more information, click HIER for the Website!

  • Wildpark Poing

    Wildparkstraße 32, 85586 Poing, Germany .

    Park visits are available in every season!

    Wildpark Poing


    Liebigstraße 9, 85551 Kirchheim bei München, Germany .


    Are you ready to take on the role of a hero as a magician, elf, healer or warrior?

    Then come join us at Heldenverdunge in Kirchheim near Munich! On several hundred square meters we'll lead you into the mysterious dungeon. Through hidden doors you will enter the shadow and demon world and solve tasks that will give you more power and possibilities.

    Explore here for more information: MEHR INFOS HIER 

  • Taverna Tou Bakali Kirchseeon

    An der Brücke 4 · 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Taverna Tou Bakali is a wonderful local Greek restaurant just around the corner from the hotel, just a short walk over the bridge. Available for Take Away and Dine-In. 

    Menu: Taverna Bakalis Kirchseeon Speisekarte (taverna-bakalis.de)

    Open Hours: tou bakali kirchseeon - Google Suche

  • Mahagoni

    Wasserburger Str. 11, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Mahagoni is a bar and grill restaurant with Greek and Bavarian menu options. The restaurant can be easily found over the bridge on the way to the town center. 

    Open Hours and Menu: Mahagoni - Bar & Grillrestaurant in Kirchseeon (business.site)

  • Casa Italia

    Marktpl. 8, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Casa Italia is an Italian Reastaurant found across the street from the train station. Available for Take Away and Dine-In.

    Menu and Open Hours: Casa Italia - Google Maps

  • Estrella Burgerbar

    Münchner Str. 6, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Estrella Burgerbar is located in the center of Kirchseeon and offers a widerange of food and bar options. The restaurant is conveniently located by the train staion and a 15 minute walk from the hotel. 

    Open Hours: Estrella Burger Bar – Kirchseeon (estrellabars.de)

    Menu: Speisekarte : – Estrella Burger Bar (estrellabars.de)

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

    Rathausstraße 1, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Hallenbad is an indoor swimming pool located by the library and courthouse. The indoor swimming pool provides swimming lanes and open swim areas. Open pool hours are typically found in the afternoon or evening.

    Open Hours: Hallenbad Kirchseeon - Markt Kirchseeon 

  • Mountain Bike Loop - Dirtpark

    85614 Kirchseeon .

    Dirtpark is a Mountain Biking Loop with dirt built ramps, dips and other obstacles. Located near the Loop is a Half Pipe Skaters Ramp, open soccer field and hiking trails. 

  • Mask Museum - Perchten Maskeum

    16, Siedlerstraße, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Here you will discovery the Perchten Masks, a museum displaying masks and costumes of mythical creatures from an ancient local tradition. To find visiting hours or more about Perchten, click here: Öffnungszeiten | MASKEUM 

  • Alpaka Dreamland

    Osterseeon 31, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    Alpaka Dreamland is an Alpaka farm offering walking scenic tours with Alpakas, where guests learn about the animals and life on the Pasture. Tours also include traditional drinks enjoyed at the picnic tables or open campfire there at the stables. 

    For more information: Alpaka Traumland | Dein Alpaka Erlebnis in Ebersberg bei München (alpaka-traumland.de)

  • Wild Boar Feeding and Observation Area

    85614 Eglhartinger Forst .

    Egglharting forest offers many activities including feeding and obseration of the wild Boars in the Ebersberg county.

  • Kirchseeon Market Square

    Marktpl. 4 Kirchseeon .

    The marketplace in Kirchseeon offers many amenties in the many shops and businesses.

    Kirchseeoner Buchladen - Bookstore and gift shop

    Postfiale - Post office and office supplies

    Pietas - Funeral home

    Rainbow Optik - Eyewear supplier

    Frisursalon Styling Lounge - Hair salon

    Fischer - Butcher and shop

    Rathaus-Apotheke - Pharmacy

    Optik Lochner - Eyewear supplier

    Pinochio´Spielkistl - Children's store

    Backstüberl - Bakery


    Marktplatz in 85614 Kirchseeon (Bayern) (onlinestreet.de)

  • REWE Grocery Store and Hasi Bakery

    Münchner Str. 11, 85614 Kirchseeon .

    REWE Grocery Store offers an array of grocery and hygeine products. This location also offers a Hasi Bakery by the Entrance/Exit.

  • Grafing Town Market

    Marktpl., 85567 Grafing bei München .

    From chocolatiers to indoor boulder climbing Grafing offers many adventures for its visiters and locals. Many options can be found here.